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Pardon The Interruption

January 24, 2012

We’re uber excited  to announce we’re working on a little rebranding project so we’ll be taking a short break from blogging for the next few weeks as we roll over to a whole new site! Thank you for your patience – we hope it will be worth the wait!

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Trapanese Family – Basement Redesign Part III

January 20, 2012

In celebration of the weekend we’re presenting the third room in our basement redesign. This room is by far the most fun we’ve had working on a project! The rec room was a space both parents really wanted to dedicate to their three girls. So we broke out our New Kids On The Block cassette tapes and got back in touch with our inner pre-teen girl.

Functionally we wanted the room to serve the girls’ immediate needs but we also wanted the space to transition with them as they get older. So we divided the room into three zones; one for their foosball table and games, one that will serve as their “hideout”, and the other as a lounge area where the family can watch movies together.

The first zone will be highlighted with wide orange wrap-around stripes that cover both the walls and ceiling. We’re using a clear coat of whiteboard paint on the wall side so the girls and their friends can keep score during game nights.

The second zone or the “hideout” as we like to call it was inspired by the concept a canopy bed (every girls dream). We wanted to capture the idea of being able to escape to a place enveloped by soft fabrics – a secret hideaway. IKEA makes a fantastic track system that will run along the width of the center portion of the room. Custom fabric drapes will attach to the tracks and slide from one side to the other, allowing the girls to completely close off that zone to the rest of the room.

Below are some of the other fun fixtures and furnishings we’ve selected to complete the girls perfect playroom!

{Left to right, top to bottom; Pendant Light, White Media Locker, Blue Rug, Swing Chair, Floral Rug, No Whining Poster, Assorted Pillows, Black and White Fabric, Rainbow Poufs, Paper Mache Animal Heads}

Trapanese Family – Basement Redesign Part II

January 18, 2012

Today we’re showing our plans for the Trapanese family’s hallway/staircase that connects the mudroom (which we wrote about yesterday) and the rec room (which we’ll show the plans for later this week). A few highlights from the space includes plans for a large picture gallery made entirely of black and white family photos set in these colorful Martha Stewart mats that come in packs of 10 for less than $10.


Another key element was to visually expand the very narrow space with a large mirror hung vertically. We’ve long been admirers of the fabulous tin mirrors from Olde Good Things, which setups shop every weekend down the street from us at Eastern Market.

{Left to Right, Top to Bottom; Tin Mirror, Round Rug, Bamboo Ladder (for pool towels), Rainbow Mats, Orange Stripped Runner}

Trapanese Family – Basement Redesign

January 17, 2012

We celebrated the end of 2011 with a SUPER fun redesign project for an Arlington family with three pre-teen girls. The family had recently moved from California into a beautifully updated Lyon Village home – but the dark and drab basement was left virtually unused. We were tasked with creating design plans for the mudroom, hallway, and recreation room that would bring the spaces to life and speak to the family’s vibrant west-coast style. We’ll start by sharing our plans for the mudroom!

{Left to right, top to bottom; Pendant Light, Stripped Runner, White CabinetsDrying Racks, Wood Hooks, Ceramic Hardware, Laundry Hampers}

Erin & Dave – Fixtures, Finishes, & Furnishings

December 1, 2011

For our latest redesign project we’ve been working with Erin & Dave , a lovely young couple and wonderful parents to two beautiful little girls. They asked us to help them redesign their formal living room – which since moving in had become the storage space for all their old odds and ends. The pair wanted a more “grown-up” look without making it feel too formal – a room they could entertain in AND use on a daily basis.

Because of the elongated space they had trouble finding the right configuration for their furniture but knew they wanted it to be multifunctional. Our solution was to divide the spaces by creating two custom built-ins the first serving as a desk/craft area for their girls and the second as window seats with floor to ceiling storage. Style-wise the couple both like more traditional pieces but also love a coastal casual look. Below are our plans for the family’s new “not-your-mother’s formal living room”!

{Left to right, top to bottom; Gray Rug, Buffet Table, Table Lamp, Green Drapes, Circle Pillow, Throw Blanket, Floor Mirror, Blue Side Chair, Green Poem Rug, Caramel Sofa, Coffee Table, Gray Side Chair}

DIY – Headboard Edition

November 15, 2011

This weekend amidst our usual all night design sessions we were able to squeeze in a little craft time. Below is our recipe for a fabulous new headboard!

Supplies you’ll need:

  • Remnant Hardwood Flooring *tongue & groove (for our DC readers Community Forklift is a great place to find flooring)
  • Stain or Paint (your choice of color)
  • Electric Sander or Sand Paper
  • Electric Drill
  • Screws (we used 9 in total)
  • Painters Tape

Step ONE: Position the first piece of flooring on wall (make sure it’s one of the longest pieces) just below the top of your bed – then secure with three screws.

Step TWO: Continue to build upwards by locking additional pieces of the flooring to the bottom – stop with another long piece in the middle.

Step THREE: Once you build to the desired middle of the headboard drill three more screws into that piece.

Step FOUR: Pick out a few pieces of the flooring to stain or paint – we chose 6 pieces of varies sizes.

Step FIVE: Strip the selected pieces using an electric sander so that your stain or paint will adhere to the surface.

Step SIX: Paint or stain the selected flooring pieces – we found a pretty salmon pink stain at our local hardware store.

Step SEVEN: Insert the stained or painted pieces into the rest of the flooring configuration. You can then add more on top – it just depends on where you want the color pieces to appear.

Step EIGHT: Drill your remaining screws into the last piece of flooring (make sure it’s another long piece) – then remove the painters tape.

Meet Baby Liam

November 8, 2011

We just finished our very first design plans for a nursery – and now I’m pretty sure we’re hooked! Our clients Bridget and Doug just welcomed their first child, Liam. The couples personal styles scream cool so we knew little Liam needed a room to match his parents fun aesthetic. We were really given free reign on the design with the exception of color – Bridget had her heart set on a gray and yellow scheme (and since it’s one of our favorite combinations it didn’t take much convincing). We tried to incorporate little nods to both parents through accessories – Bridget works for National Geographic so we thought she’d love this black and white tree of life animal poster and Doug is a musician so when we found these headphone bookends we knew Liam had to have them!

{Left to right, top to bottom; Animal Poster, Chevron Lamp Shade, Hopscotch Rug, Black Chandelier, Sunshine Poster, Be Happy Pillow, Headphone Bookends, Moon Clock, Gray Glider, Yellow Bedding, Alphabet Table, Fade to Black Mobile, Yellow Throw Blanket}