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Maggie & Joe – Fixtures, Finishes, & Furnishings

October 20, 2011

Earlier this week we presented our final design plans to Maggie & Joe, our adorable DC couple. We were thrilled at their reactions to our ideas and as soon as we left Maggie got online to make their first purchase! Below are some of the products we selected for the foyer, living room, and sun room. We chose products that highlighted both of their classic styles while mixing in bold colors and geometric patterns to bring out their fun personalities.

{Left to right, top to bottom; Silver Mirror, Custom Pendant Light, Olive Green Rug, Console Table, Green Table Lamp, Coat Hooks, X-Bench}

{Left to right, top to bottom; Media Armoire, White Throw Pillow, Swing Floor Lamp, Walnut Side Table, Navy Blue Zip Code Throw Pillow, Gray Side Chairs, Navy Blue Table Lamp, Gray Chevron Drapes, White Side Table, Sienna Area Rug}

{Left to right, top to bottom; Yellow Floor Lamp, Bookcase & Bar Shelving, Rainbow Vases, Mirrored Coffee Table, Zig Zag Rug, Gray Side Chairs}


Meet Maggie & Joe

October 12, 2011

Today we’re introducing one of our newest clients – Maggie and Joe – an adorable couple who contacted us hoping we could help them redesign their new home in Petworth. The couple purchased the home this summer and are anxious to make it their own before their big day in March.

Maggie and Joe are truly the poster children for young DC couples – both grew up on the East Coast moved to DC for school and work fell in love with the city and then one another. Both are involved in politics and actually met each other at a presidential fundraiser – I don’t think it gets more DC than that! Maggie has a classically beautiful look which pairs well with vibrant colors and fun accessories, think Madewell meets DVF. For Joe, being a part of the political scene means it’s all about well-tailored suites during the day and JCrew casuals in his downtime. Both love DC and spend their time enjoying all the wonderful sights that make our city uniquely alluring to so many young couples.

Erin & Mike – When Opposites Attract

October 5, 2011

Erin and Mike are our latest long distance clients. The pair recently purchased their first home in beautiful Tampa, Florida and were looking for help designing the main living areas. Erin & Mike certainly love one another but couldn’t be more opposite when it comes to their design aesthetic. Erin craves contemporary and modern while Mike loves more ornate traditional pieces.

In designing their perfect first home, it was imperative to include both traditional and contemporary pieces in order to address their contrasting tastes and preferences. The method to creating a seamless integration of the two styles was found through a consistent use of colors, materials, and shapes that took on different forms in the various products – while a rich brown may be seen in the traditional game table, it can also be found as a lacquered material in the streamlined and modern coffee table.

By using a relatively neutral color palette, we were able to maintain a visual cohesiveness throughout the home. This neutral base allowed us to layer both styles in each room, ensuring no abrupt changes in aesthetics and a consistent visual flow from space to space. Abstract geometries are found throughout the design, providing for more visual interest when paired with the traditional pieces. We opted for several elements of surprise in both sporadic pops of color, and unique product selections.

{Left to right, top to bottom; Teramo Curtains, Dining Table, Pendant Light, Blue Table Lamp, Grey Mirror, Dining Chair, Buffet Table, Area Rug}

{Left to right, top to bottom; Teramo Curtains, Wall Coat Rack, Pendant Light, Full Length Mirror, Storage Bench, Purple Coat Rack}

{Left to right, top to bottom; Stripe Area Rug, Counter Stool, Media Unit, Throw Blanket, Gray Throw Pillow, Brown Throw Pillow, Coffee Table, Lounge Chair, End Table, Table Lamp}

{Left to right, top to bottom; Pendant Light, Poker Table Chair, Assorted Prints, Wine Racks, Gray Bar, Coffee Table, Poker Table, Area Rug}

The Power of Polish

September 22, 2011

Inspiration comes in all forms – and for me lately it’s been through this season’s fabulous nail polish colors. I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve been swooning over the line of FACE Stockholm polish that J.Crew is now carrying. I love the combination of colors so much I’ve been tempted to paint each nail one of the colors below but stopped short thinking it might be a little too much (I hear James telling me now there’s no such thing as too much). Well, instead of walking around with rainbow hands and feet I decided I’d make a living room design board inspired by the gorgeous shades.

{Left to right, top to bottom; FACE Stockholm in Sandy Shores, DIY Pendant Light, Anthropologie Rug, FACE Stockholm in Plum Forgot, FACE Stockholm in Hot Pepper, Sigmar Polke Artwork, Luxe Sofa, FACE Stockholm in Never Nude, Face Stockholm in Crush Worthy, Throw Pillow}

Paul – Fixtures, Finishes, & Furnishings Part I

September 15, 2011

We present to you the first phase of our most recent condo redesign. This is only the second bachelor pad we’ve had the pleasure of designing – so we’re loving the hunt for more masculine pieces. Our client, Paul, has a very distinct contemporary style. After purchasing his first place in DC, he decided his current collection of hand-me-down furniture from his brother’s college years doesn’t exactly capture his aesthetic. In the first phase of the design process, we concentrated our efforts on giving Paul a sleek new “East meets West” living room any bachelor would be proud to bring his lady friend home to!

{Left to right, top to bottom Petra Pendant Light, Bishop Side Table, Kartell Table Lamp, Wall Plaques, Pleat Pendant Light, Roland Sofa, Catania Rug, Coffee Table, Leather Arm Chair}

Orange & Blue

September 1, 2011

Today marks the official start of the college football season! Now at first glance we might not strike you as die-hard football fans but these girls bleed orange and blue. Not only does the kickoff of football season mean cookouts, cold beer, and cool weather it also signals the gradual shift into our favorite season for all things design related, Fall. So today we hope you enjoy a post inspired by our alma mater – go gators CHOMP CHOMP!

{Left to right, top to bottom: Anthropologie Orange Wingback Chair, Madeline Weinrib Blue Ikat Bedspread, Orla Kiely Evoke Mio Radio, Anthropologie Celestial Coasters, D. Bryant Archie Throw Pillow, Dwell Studio Draper Stripe Rug, Heal’s Indigo Floor Lamp}

A Manly Throw Pillow?

August 25, 2011

The other night we had a debate about whether or not there was such a thing as a “manly throw pillow”. While the two things aren’t often associated with one another – we’ve been on a hunt over the past couple days to find the perfect pillow that any man would be happy to put in the same room with his flat screen.

{Left to right, top to bottom: Amenity Home Alpaca Pillow, Calypso St Barth Leather Pillow, Design Public Designers Eye Pillow, CB2 Felt Stripe Pillow, Provide Pony Rider Pillow, Jonathan Adler Cross Pillow}