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Erin & Mike – When Opposites Attract

October 5, 2011

Erin and Mike are our latest long distance clients. The pair recently purchased their first home in beautiful Tampa, Florida and were looking for help designing the main living areas. Erin & Mike certainly love one another but couldn’t be more opposite when it comes to their design aesthetic. Erin craves contemporary and modern while Mike loves more ornate traditional pieces.

In designing their perfect first home, it was imperative to include both traditional and contemporary pieces in order to address their contrasting tastes and preferences. The method to creating a seamless integration of the two styles was found through a consistent use of colors, materials, and shapes that took on different forms in the various products – while a rich brown may be seen in the traditional game table, it can also be found as a lacquered material in the streamlined and modern coffee table.

By using a relatively neutral color palette, we were able to maintain a visual cohesiveness throughout the home. This neutral base allowed us to layer both styles in each room, ensuring no abrupt changes in aesthetics and a consistent visual flow from space to space. Abstract geometries are found throughout the design, providing for more visual interest when paired with the traditional pieces. We opted for several elements of surprise in both sporadic pops of color, and unique product selections.

{Left to right, top to bottom; Teramo Curtains, Dining Table, Pendant Light, Blue Table Lamp, Grey Mirror, Dining Chair, Buffet Table, Area Rug}

{Left to right, top to bottom; Teramo Curtains, Wall Coat Rack, Pendant Light, Full Length Mirror, Storage Bench, Purple Coat Rack}

{Left to right, top to bottom; Stripe Area Rug, Counter Stool, Media Unit, Throw Blanket, Gray Throw Pillow, Brown Throw Pillow, Coffee Table, Lounge Chair, End Table, Table Lamp}

{Left to right, top to bottom; Pendant Light, Poker Table Chair, Assorted Prints, Wine Racks, Gray Bar, Coffee Table, Poker Table, Area Rug}

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  1. Bridget Hunnicutt permalink
    January 3, 2012 9:19 pm

    Love the coffee table!

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