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Meet r:u

“I dress my home the way I dress myself. I start with clean lines and neutral palettes, then add fun accessories that can be changed according to my mood or latest trends – whether it’s pairing a lime green belt with a little black dress or hanging a funky pendant light above a timeless tufted sofa. I’m a girl with a weakness for the classics – vintage headbands, black and white photography, iconic designs from J.Crew, and of course Paris in the Spring!”

“It’s all in the details – I love finding a great blouse that pleasantly surprises me after its fourth washing when I see a delicately stitched embellishment I had never noticed before. I love traveling in Europe and filling my apartment with an eclectic mix of unique pieces from my favorite cities. I’m drawn to antique furniture, one-of-a-kind light fixtures, handmade jewelry, and anything with an ornate pattern. I’m a bit obsessed with Beyonce, which may explain the sporadic appearance of glam and glitter in my otherwise ‘bohemian chic’ wardrobe!”

“My favorite city is New York because it represents everything I am: over-the-top, full of contrasts, and sometimes a little too much. I love shopping for vintage clothes and furniture because they carry with them a story of a past use, and a past life. Iconic silhouettes are important to me, like the classic VW Bus and the still fashionable Cherner Chair. Naturalistic forms, flowing lines, and funky color combinations are key components of my style. I mix vintage pieces with newly-acquired IKEA gems, and then add a touch of glam to create a look that is uniquely mine.”

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