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Trapanese Family – Basement Redesign Part III

January 20, 2012

In celebration of the weekend we’re presenting the third room in our basement redesign. This room is by far the most fun we’ve had working on a project! The rec room was a space both parents really wanted to dedicate to their three girls. So we broke out our New Kids On The Block cassette tapes and got back in touch with our inner pre-teen girl.

Functionally we wanted the room to serve the girls’ immediate needs but we also wanted the space to transition with them as they get older. So we divided the room into three zones; one for their foosball table and games, one that will serve as their “hideout”, and the other as a lounge area where the family can watch movies together.

The first zone will be highlighted with wide orange wrap-around stripes that cover both the walls and ceiling. We’re using a clear coat of whiteboard paint on the wall side so the girls and their friends can keep score during game nights.

The second zone or the “hideout” as we like to call it was inspired by the concept a canopy bed (every girls dream). We wanted to capture the idea of being able to escape to a place enveloped by soft fabrics – a secret hideaway. IKEA makes a fantastic track system that will run along the width of the center portion of the room. Custom fabric drapes will attach to the tracks and slide from one side to the other, allowing the girls to completely close off that zone to the rest of the room.

Below are some of the other fun fixtures and furnishings we’ve selected to complete the girls perfect playroom!

{Left to right, top to bottom; Pendant Light, White Media Locker, Blue Rug, Swing Chair, Floral Rug, No Whining Poster, Assorted Pillows, Black and White Fabric, Rainbow Poufs, Paper Mache Animal Heads}

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