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Wallpaper: Is there rehab for that?

June 29, 2011

Soooo as many of you know I have a mild obsession with wallpaper (ok it’s full-blown at this point) – for me nothing adds more drama, beauty, or personality to a room! Luckily there are more amazing wallpaper sources to feed my addiction today than ever before. With all these awesome designs come a multitude of choices – and to be honest sometimes the choices are just too much for our pretty little heads to take. When all your dreams start to revolve around wallpaper it’s time for a break don’t ya think?

We’re deciding between several products for our kitchen remodel (you can see the product boards here). The wallpaper is going to be installed in the back of a built-in bookcase adjacent to the kitchen. We think any of these would add a great graphic pop and compliment the new modern Mediterranean vide of the kitchen. But the question is which would you choose?

Festival Feast in Blue from Walnut Wallpaper

Kikki Trellis W6176-04 from Osborne & Little

Crop Circles in Blue from Aimee Wilder

Minaret W5551-04 from Osborne & Little

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