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r:u gets all DIY

June 13, 2011

We’re constantly coming up with DIY projects to either save ourselves or our clients some money. This weekend I was looking for some decor ideas in my new bedroom and came up with a super easy project absolutely ANYONE can do! Supplies you’ll need:

– Picture frames
– Shopping bag
– Scissors

Step ONE: Search through those old shopping bags you keep in your closet (yeah I don’t don’t why I keep so many either). I chose to use a bag from Topshop – I just LOVE the graphic quality and color!

Step TWO: Measure the picture frames you’ve chosen – then double check your bag of choice to make sure it’s large enough to fill your frames.

Step THREE: Start cutting! *Disclaimer* I actually had clothes in my bag when I started cutting – needless to say a gorgeous yellow cardigan now has a hole in it.

Step FOUR: Decide how you want to display the bag. I didn’t want the Topshop logo to be immediately recognizable, so I decided to only display part of the logo.

Step FIVE: Hang and enjoy your new custom art! Oh and maybe a cocktail is in order – I don’t know about you but DIY projects always make me thirsty.

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