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r:u’s One Year Anniversary!

March 4, 2011

Believe it or not, February 24th marked our one year anniversary! In order to commemorate this momentous occasion, we wanted to sum up our year in numbers. Enjoy!

Total tweets to date. Not gonna lie...that's EPIC!

Total "likes" on facebook. Now don't actually check that number...because it's actually 358. But this is the closest I could find, OK?

Minutes we've had to pull over on the way to a client meeting so the GPS on our phones would catch up with our actual location. Seriously, are we the only ones with this problem?!

Posts on this here blog. This one makes 31!

Number of times Jessica tried to spec knobs and pulls from Anthropologie.

Our friend Tiffany came by to visit 13 times. But for some reason, she always comes over unannounced. She has a phone...

Total times Kiera has actually had to separate Jessica and Tiffany. Seriously! What's her problem? Why does she even keep coming around? You'd think she'd get the hint... Guess not...

Times we've co-hosted Apartment Therapy Meet-Ups with our friend Desiré from Sukio.

Times we've been featured in Washington Post's House Calls section.

We're one year old!!!

We got not one, but TWO presents for our one year anniversary: we were featured in the Clarendon-Courthouse-Rosslyn Patch, and DC Modern Luxury magazine! (See the pic below!)

We can’t think of anything better! Well…I could. Like I could be hired by the Haus of Gaga, but that’s…whatever. We look forward to many years improving the lives and homes of Metro area residents, one pink disco ball at a time!

Wait…what? Most people think they’re tacky?!? Why I never!

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