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Get A ROOM! Giveaway updates

January 27, 2011

Way back in the day, we partnered with Sukio Design Co., Modern Bird Studios, and KALA Studios, for the “GET A ROOM!” Giveaway. This week I wanted to update you on where we stand with those projects. The winning room, Adam’s “Unfinished Business” is nearing completion. Here is a teaser glimpse of his project:

Adam's new bar

In a few weeks I’ll walk you through that project in its entirety, including how each of the partners contributed to the overall vision.

This week, however, I’m highlighting the runner-up project, Ruth’s “Cluttered Cave”.

Ruth's "Cluttered Cave"

Ruth wanted a completely new image for her living room that reflected her style. Any and everything could go. A true fresh start! We first got to work by creating her u:board:

Ruth doesn’t take life too seriously and her style reflects that. She is drawn to tailored-comfort, bright colors, and practicality--no frills or decorative treatments here! She loves the District yet her soul is rooted in the Caribbean. An avid reader, her home should ultimately serve two purposes: a place for personal restoration while also being a place for friends to reconnect.

In order to translate Ruth’s u:board to a functional design, we proposed bright pops of tropical colors against a neutral grey background. We also proposed a mixture of woven textures and sleek modern finishes. We felt the juxtaposition of differing colors and textures brought her love of the district and of the islands to life. Some of our favorite items for her space are highlighted below:

Ruth first approached us with this sofa from the local store, Urban Essentials. We thought it was sleek, modern, and definitely a showstopper.

Innovation - Supremax Deluxe Excess Lounger

When we saw this wallpaper, we knew it would be PERFECT!

Afro Chic - Haze Wallpaper

Ruth really wanted this steel coffee table. Unfortunately, it’s price was just as fabulous as it was. We found this perfectly suitable alternative.

Nuevo Living - Siren Coffee Table

Orange, yellow, black, white, AND PINK FRINGE?!?! Sign me up!

CB2 - Ikat Pillow

Has your appetite been whetted? Are you ready for the grand reveal? Alright. But only if you share!

Ruth's Product Selections

Ruth's New Floorplan


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  1. March 2, 2011 6:29 pm

    I stumbled upon your site from my ASID newsletter. I think that what you guys are doing is amazing, and it’s so nice to see young grads get out there and do their own thing! You have a great business concept… and the branding is genius! From one young designer to another, kudos to you guys for what you are accomplishing and what you hope to accomplish!

  2. March 3, 2011 9:04 pm

    Thanks for the feedback Rae! It’s humbling to see fellow designers like yourself respond positively to what we do! We were just some young designers with a dream…

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