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An Art-Filled Arlington Apartment, part 2

December 2, 2010

In my most recent post, I discussed one of our new projects: An Art-Filled Arlington Apartment. I am excited to follow-up with that blog, showcasing some of the furnishings we’ve selected for Laura and Lamar. They really LOVED their u:board. So much so, that we ended up choosing some pieces for their finished living room directly from it.

I gotta say, we are pretty stoked about the selections, which are as local and as green as we’ve gotten in any project thus far. We think you’ll be stoked too!

Ayoka Blue, Chandra Rugs

We loved this rug, but couldn’t find it locally. We had to go to the web, but boy is she a beauty!

Younger Furniture Apartment Sofa

This great sofa was located at Urban Essentials, a local U Street furniture store.

Ripple Square Coffee Table

Something simple and clean from Blu Dot to showcase our knock-out rug.

La Luna Chair

Kai Z Lamp

Both of the above items were found a great local shop, Muléh. The lamp was another item pulled directly from their u:board. But let’s talk about those chairs. To DIE for. We are so, so happy that Laura and Lamar went with them!

Nelson Sconce

We need light in the living room. At their initial consultation, Laura and Lamar said they wanted whimsical designs–their space shouldn’t take itself too seriously. We decided to add whimsy through the lighting. Between the fishing pole inspired Kai Z Lamp, and these Nelson classics, we are headed in that direction.

There are two other main pieces for their space that we are most excited about, however, they need their own post because they are THAT special. Check back next week for our follow-up!

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