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An Art-filled Arlington Apartment

November 18, 2010

We have been busy bees as of late, wrapping up some old projects while new ones are just getting off the ground. A project of particular excitement for us is a redesign of a 3 bedroom apartment in Arlington belonging to Laura and Lamar–an active couple who frequently travels between their apartment in town and their home in the country.

When they contacted us they had already started selections for a kitchen renovation, but they quickly realized that they wanted a cohesive look for the whole apartment. That’s when they gave us a call. The apartment had never been updated which gave us a blank slate to play.

Laura and Lamar's Living Room

Laura and Lamar's Dining Room

Laura and Lamar's Master Bedroom

If you really study the pictures, you will notice that they have lots of interesting pieces of art from other cultures. This is a result of their world travels prior to settling in this region. One of their major pieces is this great Japanese print.

Asian Artwork

They also have an affinity for tropical prints, palm trees, and pineapples. Of all the places they lived, Hawaii was their favorite. We took this love of Hawaii and an appreciation of world cultures, and created the following u:board for them.

Inspired by the couple's unique collection of Hawaiian artwork and artifacts, Laura and Lamar's new space will mix cool colors, clean lines, rich woods, and various textures. Merging contemporary styling and traditional island elements lends itself to creating a modern urban oasis for the busy pair.

Luckily for us, they loved their u:board and the direction we saw their project going. Check back next week to see some of the exciting pieces we selected for them!

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