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Our Favorite DC Interiors

September 29, 2010

This week I wanted to infuse our blog with some personality, after all, isn’t that what we are all about? Earlier in the year, we partnered with Desiré Greene from Sukio Design Co. to host an Apartment Therapy Meetup.

One of our exercises was to write our favorite DC interior on our nametag as a conversation starter. Kiera’s favorite interior was the National Portrait Gallery, Jessica’s was the Founding Farmers restaurant, and mine was the W Hotel lobby. Here’s why these interiors are our favorites and what they say about us:

National Portrait Gallery

Kiera’s favorite DC interior is the National Portrait Gallery. What does that say about Kiera? Well, for starters, Kiera loves classic lines and the NPG is full of them. Similarly, the interiors are symmetrically and hierarchically ordered. It’s very European and I think we all know how Kiera feels about Paris. Finally, there is the courtyard designed by British architect Norman Foster. Its gravity-defying, sinuous roof seamlessly merges the contemporary with the historical. It is the juxtaposition of styles that ultimately reflects Kiera’s aesthetic because she often pairs the contemporary with the traditional.

National Portrait Gallery

Founding Farmers

Jessica’s favorite DC interior is the Founding Farmers restaurant. Why? Because it looks cool, ok? No, seriously though. It is highly whimsical, conceptual AND LEED certified. They took the idea of being in a farmhouse and went in unexpected directions with it. There are cotton-ball clouds, bird lights, and jars upon jars of pickled vegetables. Rustic materials were salvaged from older properties to create this modern reinterpretation of a barn. The concept of reinterpretation is the key to Jessica’s style.

Founding Farmers Entry

W Hotel

My favorite DC interior is the W Hotel lobby. First and foremost, it is glam-tastic. You wouldn’t be shocked to find Gaga playing at their piano on her off-nights–as if she has any! The styling is grand, over-the-top, and jubilant without being juvenile. Much of the styling of the W Hotel can be characterized as the corruption of classics. Red patent leather is used for the upholstery on neo-classical sofa and crystal chandeliers are outfitted with colored LED lights. It is this corruption of tradition—the Andy Warhol-ing of an interior—that best sums up my style.

W Hotel Lobby

W Hotel Lobby Furniture

I have focused primarily on the physical space, but it is also interesting to note the function of each interior and what it says about our personalities. Kiera chose a museum; she loves all forms of art and Culture. Jessica chose a restaurant; she likes to try more types of food than anyone I know. Just don’t ask her to cook any of them… And me, I chose a hotel lobby that has a bar in it. What can I say? I like to be social and have a great time!

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