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House Calls – Back to School Special

August 12, 2010

We were recently asked by the Washington Post to design another room for their House Calls series – needless to say we jumped at the opportunity! We were even more excited to find out we would be doing a special back to school edition for a college freshmen moving into the dorms.

Like all House Calls this one came with specific budget restrictions, the Local Living editors wanted to keep it to $500 or less – you read that right $500 or less! The goal for this House Call was to give students and parents some dorm design ideas that were as accessible and affordable as possible. On top of the budget restrictions we also had to adhere to the rules set forth by the residence hall; no paint, nothing could be screwed or nailed into the walls, and all the current furniture (mind you there wasn’t much) had to stay in the room. Well we thought, this isn’t going to be easy but hell we’re up for the challenge! And then we saw the pictures . . . I know it’s takes your breath away right!?!

Now meet Amanda, the poor girl who has to live in this spectacular room. In her letter to the Post Amanda describes her horror when she saw where she’d be living; “I just got back from college freshman orientation and my dorm suite looks like a cell!” We immediately contacted Amanda to get a sense of her personality and style. We learned she’d be studying Marine Biology and attending UNC Wilmington (ahh to be lucky enough to go to school by the beach). Amanda’s no girly-girl and prefers effortless comfort, think Lauren Graham’s character in Gilmore Girls. Amanda spends her free time reading, playing the violin, and volunteering at the National Aquarium (her true passion). Below you can see the u:board we created for Amanda in the beginning stages of this project.

Amanda's u:board

With our u:board and budget in hand, we set off to create the perfect dorm room for Amanda. It was our goal to create a room that softened the harsh lines of the room, provided some relief from the poor acoustics, and above all reflected her personality. Check out our design drawings below to see our intent:

Annotated Floor Plan

Annotated Elevation 1

Annotated Elevation 2

Click here to see the final results in the Washington Post!

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  1. August 12, 2010 9:15 am

    This dorm is going to look amazing! I love your idea of the curtain panels and the wall decals. I wish my dorm room looked like this when I was in college!

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