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“Get A Room” The Final 3

June 29, 2010

The time has finally arrived to announce our 3 finalists in the Epic “Get A Room” Design Giveaway! Below you’ll find each finalists’ submission along with two pictures of the space they’ve nominated for the redesign. Voting is open to everyone – mom, dad, your mailman, President Obama – whoever feels compelled enough to take the time to vote for the most deserving room! Votes should be emailed to beginning at 9:00 am on Tuesday, June 29th up until 5:00 pm on Friday, July 2nd (Please note that only one vote will be counted per email address). At the end of Friday, the room with the most votes wins the entire design package! As an added bonus, the runner up will also win free design services from r:u. The lucky winners will be announced here on our blog SATURDAY, JULY 3rd at 9:00 am!

So now that we have all the business out of the way .  .  . let the games begin and may the ugliest room win!

Meet Finalists #1: Bridget & Doug – “Narrow Space vs. Newlyweds”

“This is my first house. It was much bigger than what I needed in the beginning, so when I bought it I rented out the basement unit and the second floor to two of my girlfriends.  I later got engaged, so the roommates moved out (along with all the downstairs furniture) and my husband moved in (with furniture that is too big and too brown!). We’d like to start fresh together to create a unique, creative, and comfortable environment on the first floor, but we are having a horrible time figuring out how to use this long narrow space effectively.  The living room is so long and narrow that we can’t figure out where to sit or where to put the TV so it is comfortable for entertaining and talking.  We’re both into music and film, so a place to watch inspiring videos and have  impromptu music sessions with friends would be great. It also seems like it could fit a dining room table (which we’d love since we don’t have space in the kitchen) but we can’t figure out how to squeeze that in.”

Meet Finalist #2: Adam – “Unfinished Business”

“The dining room in my condo is dark and unwelcoming.  This is my first home, and I bought it during a condo conversion two years ago.  The developer gave everybody in the building a blank slate to work with, and I took my budget as far as I could go in the initial build, focusing on things I couldn’t change easily later (flooring, tiling, etc.).  I threw a long ball on the dining room though, because I ran out of time and money.  In a condo that is generally open and full of light, my dining room’s downright depressing.  Odd angles dominate it and the room lacks a center. The placeholder “closet” is envisioned as a wet bar/buffet – I splurged during the build-out for plumbing and electrical – but it lacks a design. Using the bar to center the room creates the possibility of dead space on the right, but I’m an urban dweller, so creating “dead space” makes me shudder and I think I’m looking for a creative solution for that as well.  My taste is modern and uncluttered, and I prefer things to be away and out of sight when not in use.  My ideal dining room would be welcoming, well lit, and have some really neat/interesting details in the bar area that would add style to the entire room without making my condo impossible to resell in the future.  The idea of somehow curving the rectangular bar space in three dimensions makes me downright giddy, as does the idea of hidden compartments for accessing the dead space.”

Meet Finalist #3: Ruth – “The Cluttered Cave”

“Dear residents:understood, understand that even though you’ve never met me I do have a great personality, am pretty social, my passport gets regular use, and I can make a mean rum punch. That said, I have no idea why all that is not reflected in my living space. Upon review of my pictures for submission it appears I live in a cave. A really cluttered one. I have also lived in this cave for 12 years with little to no change to the layout. My design style is clearly stagnant with a hint of over sized furniture and lots of books. I don’t even read in this room. Shame. There was a hanging plant in the bay window I swear the hook is still there. After a couple of months “he” killed himself probably to get out of my living room.  I painted about 8 years ago. Lets leave it at that. I am 34 and would love if my living room could reflect that. I recognize that maximizing space and great use of lighting is not really a part of what I am good at (you have the evidence lol). I can write a mean grant though.  Its a pretty good size living room that I would like to be able to entertain in. Picture #1 on the right shows the sofa I was in love with until I realized the pillows don’t retain their shape so now it just looks like one fat blob. Everyone loves to sit or sleep on it and it looks that way. I’ve grown to hate that chair. Lets not mention my choice of lighting. My leather club chair and ottoman. I really can’t say anything negative about these pieces. I heart them but the chair is slightly large. Picture #2 shows my entertainment (LOL) center and pregnant bookcase. Tucked away in the back on some cubes would be a pletora of board games and puzzles that I don’t even play. I am an avid sports fan but I am forced to go to other peoples house to watch games because they’ve deemed my television beneath them in size and technological advances.”

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