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House Calls – The Finale

June 10, 2010

Today is a big day for r:u – our studio redesign is going to be published for everyone to see in The Washington Post! Yes, we’ve talked about this a lot . . . but we can’t help it! It was the first opportunity we were given to showcase what we think to be a pretty awesome design process, so we ran with it. For our grand finale, we’re going to share with you some project highlights straight from the personal and entertaining lives of the r:u design team. You can also check out the Washington Post article here. Enjoy!

Day 1 – We nearly peed our pants when we found out we were going to do a House Calls project for The Washington Post. Thankfully, we didn’t. That would have been embarrassing.

Day 3 – We got to see pictures of the project space! It was pretty much a blank slate, which obviously meant we were pretty happy! Lightbulb clouds began to appear, then brainstorms formed, and the ideas started pouring…

Day 7 – James meets the owner of the space, Lyn, a woman with great taste who knew exactly what she didn’t want – what she already had! We thanked the interior design gods for sending us an awesome project.

Day 8 – James and Kiera spend a whole evening tutoring Jessica on the Art Deco era that Lyn identified as an aesthetic she likes (Jessica skipped a few too many history classes in design school).

Day 9 – Kiera discovers her obsession with pink and orange. Her husband is thankful she channeled this obsession into the project and not their living room.

Day 11 – James insists that a disco ball is appropriate for our conceptual approach. Kiera and Jessica assure him that it’s not, and instead distract James with two shiny mirrors as disco ball alternatives. Crisis averted!

Day 13 – Team r:u realizes that budgets do not mix well with small studio redesigns – not well at all! Luckily, we like to think we’re pretty talented designers and pulled off making an entire house fit snugly into 300 square feet.

Day 16 – Project documents are submitted to The Washington Post, champagne corks fly, blogging begins!

You can see some of the final documents we sent to The Post below, click the images to get a closer look…

Annotated Floor Plan

Annotated Elevation

Annotated Elevation

Annotated Divider Detail

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