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our core concepts: personalized designs

April 5, 2010

This is the third part in a five-part blog series, illustrating the core concepts that have become the foundation of residents:understood. Part three illustrates the core concept of: PERSONALIZED DESIGNS.

For us the most critical step in the design process is the creation of a u:board. After your initial consultation we take everything we’ve learned about you and compile a custom collection of images that represent your unique style and personality. If you share your space with a roommate, significant other, dog, cat, or other pests (up to and including a mother-in-law), we will make sure their needs are reflected as well. That collection of images will become the concept used to inform your design direction, ensuring that your personal style is maintained through the selection of materials and furnishings to the arrangement of the space.

In order to give you a better understanding of how this process works we’ve presented u:boards that have been created for two roommates, Rachel and Blair, who are looking to redesign their apartment. The pair have been roommates since college, but have never taken the time to design the apartment’s common areas – a process many roommates skip altogether. They have their own personal aesthetics, but need assistance merging their styles into a unified space that they will both be happy with.

Rachel is a dedicated young business woman who works hard and likes to spend what free time she does have enjoying the city’s night life with her favorite gal-pals. She is a self-proclaimed trendsetter with a passion for each season’s must-have looks. Although she’s a social butterfly, her ideal day would be spent watching Lifetime movies from the comfort of her own bed, snacking on 100-calorie bags of popcorn.

Rachel's u:board

Blair is a full time graduate student and serious traveler. Her style is derived from an eclectic assortment of knick-knacks from around the world. Although she loves living in a city full of culture and diversity, she jumps at the chance to spend time outdoors in more secluded settings. For her, a balance must always be preserved between the natural & the urban, colors & neutrals, and ornate & minimal. Moderated variety is the spice of her life.

Blair's u:board

Their fused u:board reflects their collective style. One that accommodates a Rachel’s love of glamour which is found in the details, balanced with earth-tones and natural materials which showcase Blair’s cultural awareness. A funky coat rack and lantern-like light fixture finish off the space, uniting their new living room.

Rachel & Blair's Living Room Solution

Check back soon for our next post on our core concept of environmental sustainability.

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