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our core concepts: affordability

March 16, 2010

This is the first in a five-part blog series, illustrating the core concepts that have become the foundation of residents:understood.  Part one illustrates the core concept of: AFFORDABILITY.

What does being affordable mean? Most residential design is traditionally thought to be accessible only to those who have a large budget, where custom furnishings and casework are the prime focus. We can specify extravagant finishes and furnishings if your budget allows, but that is not necessarily our approach.

We instead aim to determine your personal style, and then recommend furnishings, finishes, and accessories that complement your style and budget. Sometimes that may include reupholstering or refinishing furniture you already have, or value-shopping at Eastern Market. Many times, it comes down to making smart choices and spending your design dollars wisely.

Take the sets of furnishings below. Both sets are stylish, modern, with a sophisticated edge. Set 1 is priced at $6786 while Set 2 is priced at $1655. That’s a difference of $5131!

Set 1, valued at $6787

Set 1, priced at $6786

Set 2, valued at $1655

Set 2, priced at $1655

Our services include specifying items that fit with your budget, as shown in the example above. In addition to working within your budget, we have a flat-rate fee system, taking the mystery and guess-work out of hiring a designer, which leads us to the next part of this blog series. Check back soon for our next post on our core concept of Honesty and Intergrity.

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